Computer, Development 7月 15, 2007 #PHP
(Last Updated On: 2018年8月13日)

PHPでGTKアプリが作れるPHP-GTKは以前からありましたが、PHPでQtアプリが作れるPHP-Qt 0.1がリリースされています。

The PHP-Qt team is pleased to announce the immediate release of PHP-Qt Version 0.1!
It’s been nearly a year since the release of version 0.0.3 and many, many things have changed, including the move to using the Smoke library.
A few of the changes from 0.0.3 to 0.1 are:

* Unit tests based on phpunit
* Overriding of Qt methods in PHP classes
* Improved startup time
* Improved runtime speed
* improved inheritance
* CMake-based build system
* Support for references
* There is now a global tr() function
* Based on the Smoke library
* License: GPL (see note below)

投稿者: yohgaki