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  • 現在のリリース版からサポートが終了したPHP4まで含めた複数のPHP実行環境でPHPスクリプトを実行し結果を比較
  • 複数のPHP実行環境でのスクリプト実行時間の比較
  • OPコードの表示(PHPバイトコードのダンプ – PHPのマシン語のような物)
  • 利用した関数のマニュアルページリンク一覧
  • クラッシュがあった場合のバックトレース
  • HHVMのOPコードの表示
  • RFCブランチ(PHPへの変更/追加提案)のPHP版での実行


現時点(2016/10/20)でStatic Ayalisys tools for PHPのリストは「バグを見つける物」に分類した物だけでも以下のようになっています。知らない物が沢山あります。

Bugs finders

Tools that reports issues in the code that are or lead to bugs.

  • Eir – Eir is a static vulnerability analysis tool for PHP applications written in C#
  • Exakat – Smart static analysis for PHP
  • Mondrian – A code analysis tool using Graph Theory.
  • php-analysis – PHP Analysis in Rascal (PHP AiR).
  • PHP Assumption – Finds weak assumptions in the code, suggest to turn them into stronger validations.
  • PhpCodeAnalyzer – finds usage of non-built-in extensions in your php code.
  • PHPCodeFixer – finds usage of deprecated functions, variables and ini directives in your php code.
  • php7mar – PHP 7 Migration Assistant Report.
  • phpcallgraph – PHP 7 Migration Assistant Report.
  • PHPCPD – phpcpd spots copy/pasted code, and help enforcing DRY rule.
  • Phan – The static analyzer by Rasmus.
  • PHP Inspection – Static analysis for phpstorm.
  • PHP lint – PHP itself, able to detect syntax error from command line.
  • PHPlint – PHPLint is a validator and documentator for PHP 5 programs
  • PHP Mess Detector – PHPMD takes a given PHP source code base and look for several potential problems within that source.
  • PHP Reaper – PHP tool to scan ADOdb code for SQL Injections
  • PHP SA – PHPSA is a development tool aimed at bringing complex analysis for PHP applications and libraries.
  • PHP Stan – “PHPStan focuses on finding errors in your code without actually running it. “
  • PHP Unlocker – “PHP-Unlocker is a static analysis tool that detects potential, unintended DB table locks for PHP applications using ADOdb.”
  • PHP vuln hunter – A tool that can scan php vulnerabilities automatically using static analysis methods
  • RIPS – A static source code analyser for vulnerabilities in PHP scripts
  • psecio:parse – Parse : A PHP Security Scanner
  • SonarQube – An open platform to manage code quality. It covers PHP code.
  • Side Channel Analyzer – Search for side-channel vulnerable code.
  • TaintPHP – Static Taint Analysis for PHP web applications.
  • Tuli – A static analysis engine
  • 17eyes – “PHP static analyzer written in Haskell”

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