Security 10月 31, 2005
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Nessus 3 is major enhancement of the key components of the Nessus engine – the NASL3 intepreter has been rewritten from scratch, the process management has changed to reduce the overhead of executing a plugin (instead of creating NxM processes, nessusd now only creates N processes), the way plugins are stored has been improved to reduce disk usage, etc…

Nessus 3 also contains a lot of built-in features and checks to debug crashes and mis-behaving plugins more easily, and to catch inconsistencies early.

As a result, Nessus 3 is much faster than Nessus 2 and less resource intensive. Your mileage may vary, but when scanning a local network, Nessus 3 is on average twice as fast as Nessus 2, with spikes going
as high as 5 times faster when scanning desktop windows systems.


Nessus 3 will be available free of charge, including on the Windows platform, but will not be released under the GPL.

Nessus 3 will be available for many platforms, but do understand that we won’t be able to support every distribution / operating system available. I also understand that some free software advocates won’t want to use a binary-only Nessus 3. This is why Nessus 2 will continue to be maintained and will stay under the GPL.

To make things simple :

  - Nessus 2 : GPL, will have regular releases containing bug fixes
  - Nessus 3 : free of charge, contains major improvements


  • Nessus3はWindow版も含め無料で利用できる
  • Nessus3のライセンスはGPLではない
  • Nessus2とNessus3はほとんどのプラグインを共有する
  • Nessus2はGPL版としてメンテナンスされる


何故クローズドソースにライセンスを変更するか?という部分ですが作者(セキュリティ系の製品・サービスを提供しているらしい)競争相手との競争に負けないようにするためだそうです。ソースを公開すると競争相手に取り込まれてしまい…. と言った状況になっている(なる?)らしいです。


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