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基本的なWiki機能はそろっているようです。ページの場所 “top>a page>another page”の様に表示されるのも便利です。ログインユーザ登録もサポートしているようで、Eメールアドレスを登録してから編集を許可する、という運用ができるのはSPAM対策やセキュリティ対策に役立つと思います。


DokuWiki Features here

* works on plain text files, no database needed
* simple syntax and easy editing with quickbuttons and accesskeys
* Section Editing allows you to edit small parts of a page
* automatic generation of content tables
* unlimited page revisions
* colored side by side diff support
* support for read only pages
* syndication of recent changes as RSS Feed
* namespaces
* Interwiki Links
* uploading and embedding images
* image caching and resizing
* easy navigation through breadcrumbs
* Customizing with templates and plugins
* Multilanguage Support
* Spam blacklist
* custom text replacements
* pagecaching
* locking to avoid edit conflicts
* full UTF-8 support
* and more




Nanoweb’s main features are :

– HTTP/1.1 compliance
– Powerful and easy configuration
– Modular architecture
– FastCGI, CGI and Server side includes support
– Name and port based virtual hosts
– Access control lists
– htpasswd, MySQL, PostgreSQL and LDAP authentication support
– Themes for server generated content
– Apache compatible log format, MySQL logging
– Directory browsing
– inetd support and SSL via external helpers
– Denial of Service protection
– Proxy Server extension
– Filters and gzip support
– RBL support (
– Extension Protocols (request methods) support
– … and a lot more



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