WebApp (PerlのCMS)の脆弱性

Security 3月 8, 2007
(Last Updated On: 2007年3月9日)


Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in WebAPP before have unknown impact and attack vectors. NOTE: This information is based upon a vague initial disclosure. Details will be updated after the grace period has ended.


WebAPP before allows remote attackers to submit Search form input that is not checked for (1) composition or (2) length, which has unknown impact, possibly related to “search form hijacking”.


Summary: WebAPP before does not “censor” the Latest Member real name, which has unknown impact.


The (1) Search, (2) Edit Profile, (3) Recommend, and (4) User Approval forms in WebAPP before use hidden inputs, which has unknown impact and remote attack vectors.


The default configuration of WebAPP before has a CAPTCHA setting of “no,” which makes it easier for automated programs to submit false data.


WebAPP before allows remote authenticated users to spoof another user’s Real Name via whitespace, which has unknown impact and attack vectors.



追記:後で見てみると「CAPTCHA設定がデフォルトOFFなので…」とありますね。これでCVEを作るとなるとかなりの数のWebアプリが脆弱… 生成されるCAPTCHAイメージがOCRに脆弱(PEARのCPATCHAなど)… などCVEが大量に作れます。放っておくとこのブログも海外からのコメント・トラックバックSPAMが毎日数百… 確かに今時CAPTCHAは必須ともいえます…

投稿者: yohgaki