Security 8月 29, 2007
(Last Updated On: 2007年8月29日)

「No spyware, adware, malware」としているSkypeですが

Much to his horror he found that Skype kept asking to see all the details of his Firefox software and its plug-ins.



One possible reason to read the Firefox directory is in order to retrieve from there proxy settings as it is done by Skype for Windows with Internet Explorer. This is supported by tests performed by heise Security, in which Skype opened only directories. The only real file it opened in the Firefox directory was prefs.js which does indeed contain the proxy settings. Another reason for Skype to access the user’s directory might simply be to check if the user has installed the vendor’s Firefox extension.



今のところSkypeからのコメントは無いようですが「No spyware, adware, malware」と宣言するのであれば収集している情報がどのように利用されているか説明すべきでしょう。


投稿者: yohgaki