(Last Updated On: 2005/12/12)


Red Hat says the Web Application Stack is for simple web sites and applications, and includes the key LAMP components Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database and the PHP scripting language on top of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Customers will be able to choose the PostgreSQL database, which will be an option with the Web Application Stack.
にあるようにRedHatはPostgreSQLを推進(RedHat Databaseの中身はPostgreSQL)するはず、だったのですがRHDBをバージョンアップしませんね…


It says the Java Web Application Stack is for more dynamic web applications and supports all the components of the Web Application Stack – in other words LAMP plus PostgreSQL – as well as the Apache Tomcat servlet and JSP Container. There will be support and updates for the key Java development libraries and tools – Apache Struts, Apache Axis, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, Ant, Junit, Jython, Log4J and key XML libraries.



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