Computer, Development 11月 24, 2011 #PHP
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PHP 5.3.9RC2とPHP5.4.0RC2がリリースされました。

ところで、公式WikiのリリーススケジュールによるとPHP 5.3.9のEOLはPHP 5.4.0のリリース後半年後に予定されています。

1年後にはセキュリティパッチの提供も停止の予定です。私は期間が短すぎると思いますが、、、 皆さん、マイグレーションの準備をしましょう。



You are receiving this email because your project has been selected to
take part in an effort by the PHP QA Team to make sure that your project
still works with PHP versions to-be-released. With this we hope to make
sure that you are either aware of things that might break, or to make
sure we don’t introduce any strange regressions.

Two release candidates where released today. PHP 5.3.9RC2 and PHP
5.4.0RC2. They can be downloaded from:

The Windows binaries are available at

PHP 5.3.9 is our upcoming stable release. Please test your code and
report any regression bugs.

PHP 5.4.0 will be our next upcoming major release. It includes a lot of
new features. Please test your code carefully against the new version to
hlep us releasing the stable PHP version.

For a list of new features and bugfixes that you can target in your testing, please
refer to the NEWS file:

For PHP 5.3.9RC2:

For PHP 5.4.0RC2:

The next release candidate will be released on December 8.

Johannes, Stas and David


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