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since Friday 10th, August 2007 a new and very troubling law is enforced in germany.

It is no longer legal to create and/or distribute so called hacking tools in germany. This includes port scanners like nmap, security scanners like nessus or simple proof of concept exploits like the MOPB exploits. They are now illegal because someone COULD use them to commit crimes.

Until today I had hoped that our Bundespresident would stop this insane law with a last minute veto, but now it is official and our government has rendered germany more or less defenseless against the threats from outside germany.

Unfortunately our government has been deaf to the warnings from lots of experts that tried to explain how important these so called hacking tools are not only for the current generation of security consultants to do their daily job, but also how important they are for the education of the next generation of researchers and consultants.

If you do not know how to attack, you will never know how to defend yourself.

Stefan Esser

# WatchFireは非合法会社!?なのか、など。

数々のMonth of Bugsプロジェクトによりソフトウェアの脆弱性は公開する事により改善する事が証明されてきました。Stefan氏が指摘しているようにどのように攻撃されるか知らないとどのように防御するのか理解できません。脆弱性を隠せば隠すほど悪人たちに悪用されるリスクが高くなります。法律を作成した方たちは隠せば状況が良くなると勘違いしているのでしょう…



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