Computer, Windows 12月 10, 2005
(Last Updated On: 2018年8月14日)

Intranet ZoneでもActiveXは自動インストールできなくなるようです。

As a safety precaution in IE7, we have set the default for the Trusted Sites zone to Medium, the same level as the Internet zone in IE6.


1. Start IE with elevated permissions: click Start, point to All Programs, right-click IE, and then select Run Elevated.
2. Perform the ActiveX installation.
3. Exit the current instance of IE.
4. Start a new instance of IE normally (without Administrator permissions).


Microsoft will also discontinue the use of the SSLv2 (Secure Socket Layer) protocol in IE7 and use the stronger TLSv1 (Transport Layer Security) protocol—part of an overall plan to improve the security and user experience for HTTPS connections.



投稿者: yohgaki